Vietnam Veterans Of America Chapter 973
Sherman, Texas
Chapter 973 Memorial Day May 25, 2009
The Vietnam Veterans Of America Chapter 973 participated in Memorial Day ceremonies by being in three events. The first event was at West Hill Cemetery in Sherman, Texas at 1100 hours, where our Honor Guard performed the Flag Raising, and escorting Duties.

The second event at 1300 hours, Chapter 973 occupied first position in the Memorial Day Parade in Denison, Texas. We did not win an award however, but got our picture in the paper. Member Don Dunham appeared in the paper performing escort duties, at West Hill Cemetery. Several members appeared in the paper riding in the Memorial Day Parade.

The third event at 1500 hours, was a rifle drawing at Red River Firearms in Sherman, Texas. Several prizes were given away, together with two rifles. The grand prize was an M1 carbine.